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A simple glaze and pattern on plain porcelain will add charm to your table. 

Arita-Yaki Tea Set

  • The delicate overglaze painting and pattern on the Arita-Yaki is quite popular and very valuable.

    The conrast of the bright green and brown is compelling.

    The cup and saucer both come in a set of five. Relax with loved ones and have a nice cup of tea.

    - Cup 5 pieces
    3.2inch x 3inch (8cm x 7.5cm)

    - Small plates 5 pieces
    5inch x 5inch(12.5cm x 12.5cm)

    - Bowl
    6.4inch x 1.2inch (16cm x 9.5cm)

    - Tea pot
    3.2inch x 3.8inch (8cm x 9.5cm)
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