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My ancestors have been monks of the temple from generation to generation for 300 years.

Their history has been kept alive over all these years thanks to the many traditional Japanese crafts that have been passed down from hand to hand.

We believe that traditional Japanese antiques hold the soul of Japan, something that cannot be found in new crafts, or foreign antiques, art, sculptures, jewelry, and such.

In addition, traditional Japanese arts and crafts emphasize the splendor of the four seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter - and celebrate the importance of them.

These crafts have been kept alive by artisans who put their soul into their art to create these authentic pieces.

After the request from foreign friends for these items, we decided to begin this business to share the traditional culture of Japan to others and allow them to enjoy the beauty of these crafts.


Tsuki Ltd.



3-19-21 Higashiyama Meguro-ku

Tokyo, JAPAN


Secondhand Dealer License Number
​303291307496 - Tokyo

Welcom to the Tsuki.

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