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The Aizu Camellia is also a traditional Japanese bowl. 
The bowl has been luxuriously decorated with gold.
The Aizu Camellia is also commonly used to serve family and guests to show hospitality and warmth.

Aizu Camellia

  • Because the Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture is a square surrounded by mountain, this results in the summers being very hot, and the winters are very chilly.

    That is why the lacquerware is coated with several layers to not only be water-resistant, but heat, acid, and alkali-resistant as well.

    The Aizu Camellia comes in a set of five.
    It is to be noted that this item should not remain in detergent, water, or the dishwaser for a long time.

    It is best to wash by hand, and immediately be dried with a soft coth after usage.

    4.4inch x 4inch
    11cm x 10cm
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